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Guidance for the use of OneGeology images and data

OneGeology material is freely available for non-commercial use only.

OneGeology gives non-exclusive permission to reproduce free of charge:

  • OneGeology images,
  • posters,
  • maps

For personal, academic, educational, non-commercial research, or other non-commercial uses, subject to appropriate acknowledgement and notification.

The OneGeology logo OneGeology logoshould be clearly visible and used in conjunction with all images, additionally, where specified, the CGMW logo CGMW logo and IGME5000 logo IGME logo should be visible.

OneGeology encourages the use of its materials in promoting geological and environmental sciences. Please inform the secretariat, of intended use.

Where you intend to use the material commercially (e.g. in book, to sell as a map extract, etc) you will need to pay the appropriate copyright holder which will be the owner of the geological information from the country concerned. To find out more, please contact the secretariat of OneGeology.


The following acknowledgement must accompany the reproduced OneGeology material:

'Reproduced with the permission of the OneGeology Secretariat & registered Participants. All rights Reserved'

Where illustrations, map extracts or images are used as the basis of specifically generated illustrations, the source of the material should be cited as follows:

'Based upon [source details], with the permission of OneGeology’.

OneGeology © 2015. This site is hosted by the British Geological Survey but responsibility for the content of the site lies with OneGeology not with the British Geological Survey. Questions, suggestions or comments regarding the contents of this site should be directed to the OneGeology administration.